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Words Through the Ages
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A community dedicated to poetic Hetalia fanworks or fanworks based upon famous poems.
Welcome to Words Through the Ages, a community dedicated to poetry in the Hetalia fandom and fanworks inspired by famous poems.


1. No wank/douchebaggery/puppy kicking/being a jerk. There will be a zero tolerance policy for starting crap. However, I will be amazed if someone manages to start a war on a community for poetry...I mean, unless we get into an epic Poe v. Shakespeare celebrity deathmatch, I don't see how that could happen. Still, you know, use your best judgement please, it makes everyone's life easier.

2. Please keep your fanworks to the realms of Hetalia.

3. Works must be poetry or poetry-centered. Don't despair, that actually means a wide variety of expressive forms. One of the first things they tell you in a poetry class or club is that poetry doesn't need to rhyme, it's more about the flow of the words and the way they're portrayed. They can be happy. They can be sad. They can be written in iambic pantameter, haiku format, or a collection of words that sound nice together. I'll try to include some links and resources to provide inspiration for members.

4. This community is also directed towards fanworks based upon famous poems- write a Hetalia fic about "The Raven"? Great. A Shakespeare monologue? Lovely, I can't wait to read it. Additionally, if you get permission from another member, you can write a fic dedicated to something they've written. BUT ONLY IF YOU GET EXPLICIT PERMISSION FROM THEM.

5. In line with 3, PROPERLY CITE ALL SOURCES AND QUOTES. I'm not asking for a college-level bibliography, but if you do works based upon a poem, please cite the author- even if you don't know, then say you don't know, that's preferable to trying to claim it for your own.

6. Constructive criticism is welcome. For anyone unfamiliar with what that would sound like it would be something along the lines of "I like what you did here, here and HERE, but I think it was a little out of character for England to wear a dress. You may want to keep that in mind for the future, but that's just a suggestion".

7. Please provide appropriate rating and warnings for all fanworks. Remember that ALL MATURE MATERIAL MUST BE LOCKED TO THE COMMUNITY!

8. Use this format when posting fanworks.

Rating: [G to NC-17]

9. 6) When posting fic longer than 100 words or images larger than 300 px wide, please use an LJ cut.